Do not disturb – iPhone’s setting to prevent calls while busy

The do not disturb setting prevents your phone from making any noises during an incoming call or text. The feature is similar to the silence button on the side of the phone but with the added benefit of being able to do it automatically at a certain time. I highly recommend using the setting to silence your phone when you’re at work or when you’re sleeping.

Enabling the do not disturb iPhone setting

1) Find the settings icon on your phone and click on it.
iPhone home screen

2) You’ll now see a list of settings. Look through the list and select the “Do Not Disturb” option.
iPhone settings

3) You should now see all of the options for the do not disturb mode. You’ll now be able to turn the mode on/off immediately or you can set up the scheduling option to turn the feature on/off for you automatically.

Do not disturb iPhone

If you’d like to enable the mode right now you can turn on the “Manual” option. The manual option will silence your phone from calls and texts immediately. I think the silence button on the side of the phone is a little more convenient than this but this is another way of doing it.

The scheduling option is very handy. It allows you to use the do not disturb mode automatically by choosing a time when the mode turns on and when it turns off. The scheduling option is great for silencing your phone when you’re sleeping or when you’re at work.

There are two options that you should set up just in case there’s an emergency and someone needs to get in contact with you. “Allow Calls From” gives you four choices of people that are able to contact you even if your do not disturb mode is turned on. The choices are everyone, no one, favorites (which offers the most customization) and all contacts. “Repeated Calls” will not silence a second call from the same person within a three minute window.


Will my alarms work in do not disturb mode?

Yes. Your alarms will still work.